Thursday, July 22, 2010

Animal Wellness

By using YLEO's on our pets, we can be reassured we are not placing them in any harm. They are extremely sensitive to scents and can have fatal reactions if the highest quality of oils aren't used. Oils that claim therapeutic-grade quality (virtually all health food store oils) without any regulations, unlike Young Livings standards (above AFNOR's, Association fran├žaise de Normalisation), should be completely avoided.

We can use our oils on our animals with a little extra TLC e.g. by diluting with a "carrier oil" such as our V6, organic vegetable oil. We also want to consider what little attention there is on "prevention" for our animals. There's not much out there in the allopathic/veterinary world. With Young Living EO's and NingXia Red Wolfberry juice, we can help to prevent our furry babies from getting arthritis, depression, hypertension, liver disease, etc. Not to mention the emotional support these oils bring to our animals. And yes, our animals have emotions too!!

Mary gave her furry baby, Annie, Raindrop Technique tonight! Annie loooooved it! What a great client!

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