Raindrop Technique is a healing modality that supports all systems of the body, mind and spirit. Medicinal essential oils are dropped along the spine and vita-flexed (vitality through the reflexes, the ancient form of Tibetan reflexology) into reflex points on the feet. The oils help to release toxins, which lie dormant in the spine. The incredibly small molecules of these oils are then able to be absorbed into the body, quickly enhancing vibration, working to align the spine and helping to heal numerous issues and dis-eases.

This treatment can be and is used professionally (industry standard oils for massage therapist and other alternative medicine practices) as well as for families looking to enhance health and wellness e.g. supporting your immune system during cold, winter months!

For professional massage therapists, upon taking this class, you can offer Raindrop as yet another healing modality to your clients. One session of Raindrop Technique at a spa or wellness center runs for up to $150.

For more information as to how to book a free Raindrop Technique training (as well as Vita Flex & Neuro Auricular Technique) for you and your staff at your spa, massage therapy practice/office, naturopath and or chiropractic office, yoga studio, vet hospital/clinic, etc., please feel free to contact me.

Requirements for training:

A Raindrop oils kit, (so you have the oils to use). You can either purchase the kit ahead of time (via my blog, on the right-hand column of the home page), or we will have kits available to purchase at the class. Raindrop kits are $100 wholesale or $131 retail. We will also have the convenient little Raindrop oils carrier cases available for purchase at cost. We also ask that you bring a set of twin sheets, a bath towel, a hand towel, and a pillow. Also fingernails need to be filed very short. Your Raindrop kit will include two massage oils, eight different essential oils, and a video!

For additional information on the incredible benefits associated with Raindrop Technique for your pets, see the July 2010 postings!