I'm so glad you've found my Health and Wellness with Young Living Essential Oils blog! Let's talk a bit about Young Living Essential Oils. YLEO's are the industry leaders in essential oils. In fact, they are the industry standard oils with massage therapists and in most alternative healing practices. They are the only oils allowed to be used in Raindrop Technique, an emerging therapy. See below for more information. They are also used in hospitals throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. In fact, they are used intravenously in clinics such as Dr. Gary Young's clinic in Ecuador.

They are very different than food-grade and perfume-grade EOs sold in many health food stores. If you can believe it, even most health food store oils are either synthetic, cut with alcohol and other ingredients or are distilled quickly at high temperatures for fast, mass production, hence making the oils more economically appealing, yet far less beneficial. Such oils are therapeutic-grade (hospital grade) EOs. They are the purest grade EO on the market. They are the essence, the blood, the life force of the tree. They are the immune system of the tree, plant, shrub, bush, flower, fruit, seed, etc. If you are taking herbal supplements currently, taking EO supplements is the same concept, it is just the most concentrated method.

Just as our bodies have an electrical frequency, so do therapeutic-grade EOs. Our bodies also vibrate at the same frequency as plants, therefore our bodies accept these oils without any negative side-effects. Processed/canned foods have a frequency of 0 MHz. Fresh produce has a frequency of 0-15MHz. Dried herbs have a frequency of 12-22 MHz. Fresh herbs have a frequency of 20-27 MHz. Did you know that therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest level of frequencies of all other substances in the world: 52-320 MHz! Just as you can take most herbs internally (e.g. via capsule, as a supplement, etc.), so can you with therapeutic-grade EOs! Another way to look at it in the herbal sense is they are the most concentrated form of the herb.

Therapeutic grade EOs are being used throughout the U.S. as well as the world to heal ailments from headaches, cuts and blemishes to diabetes, depression, anxiety, arthritis, MRSA, A.D.D., cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, cancer and beyond. They are also being used in hospitals, alternative medical clinics and offices such as naturopath physicians, doctor of osteopathy and chiropractors as well as health & wellness centers, spas, massage therapist, psycho-therapists, hypnotists and raindrop therapist's offices. Yoga and meditation are also incredibly enhanced through use of these healing oils.

Many households are learning how to replace their prescription and over-the-counter medicine with therapeutic grade EOs. Children are learning to come to mommy or daddy for their lavender or peppermint oil when they need to be wound down or have a tummy ache! In fact, many pet lovers as well as veterinarian offices are working with the oils as well, with great success!

Did you know that YLEO's are the only oils allowed to be used in Raindrop Technique, a revolutionary way to bring balance and harmony to the body...physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is an emerging therapy in many massage therapist's offices, spas, alternative medicine clinics, etc. Raindrop Technique was created more than a decade ago. It is based on the theory that many types of spinal misalignments (as well as MANY other ailments/disorders and diseases) are caused by viruses or bacteria that lie dormant along the spine. Many practitioners have watched the spines of people with scoliosis straighten right before their eyes, right there on the massage table! The molecules of therapeutic-grade EOs are the only substance on the planet which can actually cross the blood-brain barrier. Nervous disorders, such as MS, Parkinson's, even Alzheimer's all can and are being "healed" via these oils! You do not have to be a certified Raindrop Therapist to learn it or to give it to family and friends. Learn to help boost your family and friend's immunity, such as when they are sick, by giving them Raindrop Therapy.

Additionally, oils for healing, cleansing, and holy anointing (massage in hebrew) are mentioned more than 250 times in the bible. All of the answers for our health have been given to us via this earth and have been used for healing purposes since the beginning of time.

Thank you for spending the time to get to know a little bit about Young Living Essential Oils and their incredible benefits!

Health, Love and Light!
Laura Karowsky