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Home of Connie & Alan Higley’s Reference Guide for Essential Oils as well as essential oil related supplies e.g. glass bottles, carrying cases, additional reference books, d.v.d.s & c.d.s, reference sections, oils jewelry & more.
Home of The Essential Science Desk Reference (a must have reference book for all of your questions)! as well as essential oil related supplies, e.g. glass bottles, carrying cases, additional reference books, d.v.d.s & c.d.s and more.
Additional information for Young Living members who want to share the knowledge and health and wellness benefits of Young Living Essential Oils with their community.
Over 3000 testimonials from Young Living Essential Oil users. It has an easy to use “search” option. Just type in a keyword for whatever you’re looking for. It is very helpful to know what some folks have used for specific ailments as well as what worked well for them! Of course sharing your testimonials makes it even better!
Young Living’s super antioxidant, nutrient infused wolfberry juice website resource.
The non-toxic solution to toxic mold, including Stachybotrys atra (S. atra), also known as "Black Mold." Dr. Ed and Jacquelyn Close have a wonderful book, R.A.’s book. “Saving health and home.”
This is another source besides Abundant Health where you can get good quality bottles for misting as well as small bottles with droppers in them (to extend your oils a little further). I have also noticed they have better prices than most other vendors. Be sure to choose the amber colored glass bottles as they will preserve your oils better than the other colors. Choosing glass ensures no chemicals from the plastics will leach into the oils.

More, great quality bottles for great prices!
Wonderful information about Young Living's latest and greatest products!
Home of world-renowned fashion designer, Donna Karan's non-profit organization, Urban Zen. Urban Zen's Well-Being initiative aims to change the current healthcare paradigm to include integrative medicine and promote patient advocacy.
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